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Apr. 24th, 2007

me and winter

New Journal

Ok, so I've created my new journal, and will be updating only there from now on. It's cssgirl. Hope to see some of ya'll there!

Dec. 31st, 2006

me and winter

Friends Only

Friends only

Friends only, since last 2004. Comment to be added. Finally made a banner, yep yep.

Occassionally I make public posts with pics or pertinent info. Otherwise, completely friends only.

Oct. 22nd, 2006

me and winter


Originally uploaded by LaLindsey.
These are our new kittens, Greycie and Baxter.

The grey one is Greycie and the black one is Baxter. Not a good shot, but it was from my camera phone.

We adopted them from the human society, they are so sweet. We get to pick them up Monday!

Can't wait. We haven't told Mason yet either, it's gonna be a complete surprise! :)

Oct. 21st, 2006

me and winter

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I'm out now but too excited 2 wait 2 post till we get home. We adopted 2 kittens 2day. Greycie and baxter. Pic later

Oct. 12th, 2006

me and winter

(no subject)

Dear LJ,

I miss you!


Sep. 25th, 2005

me and winter

Public Entry

This is a rare public entry.

I'm posting this so you can witness the psychosis of cutebeka and stay the hell away from her. I've reported her to LJ Abuse and will see where else I should go from there.

As you can see, she is very brave and logs on, rants and curses me, calls me names, and than logs off with an unfounded insult before I can respond. This girl is supposed to be 18 years old, and if she is (like I fear) -- I'm scare for the people around her because she is obviously very, very, very unstable.

If you've had similiar experiences with this psycho, report it to LJ Abuse.

If you are wondering what the focus of the conversatition -- she was banned, by me (with a unanimous vote from 8 other mods) from the thesims2 community. She would constantly answer people's questions wrongly, and than when called out, or reprimanded, or told she was wrong, she would IM one of the mods and tell us how mean one of us were, or how mean everyone is to her.

Obviously there is something very wrong with the girl, so STAY AWAY!!!!



[16:26] xcryingem0tearzx: why did you ban me?
[16:26] xcryingem0tearzx: i've been freakin godo teh alst few days
[16:26] xcryingem0tearzx: good*
[16:26] xcryingem0tearzx: jesus christ
[16:27] xcryingem0tearzx: i've been happier in my life no this,fine you want me to go cut my arm up?fine i'llk just go do that cause i'm obviously not worth anything
[16:27] Linzoid97: Are you threatening me?
[16:27] xcryingem0tearzx: no
[16:27] xcryingem0tearzx: i'm threatening msyelf
[16:28] xcryingem0tearzx: i'm so sick of this shit
[16:28] xcryingem0tearzx: i was fine
[16:28] xcryingem0tearzx: i was happy
[16:28] Linzoid97: You are friggin' psycho. You want to cut yourself up because you got banned from a fucking internet community -- go for it.
[16:28] xcryingem0tearzx: i was being ncie to people
[16:28] Linzoid97: That's your problem.
[16:28] xcryingem0tearzx: fine
[16:28] xcryingem0tearzx: i'll go take some pill and die too
[16:28] xcryingem0tearzx: cause i was good for a week in there
[16:28] xcryingem0tearzx: and you ban me
[16:28] xcryingem0tearzx: for nothing
[16:28] Linzoid97: Yep, do that. You'll still be banned.
[16:28] xcryingem0tearzx: cause you have some damn vendetta against me
[16:28] Linzoid97: Jesus are you really 18? You act like your 12.
[16:28] xcryingem0tearzx: i am 18
[16:29] xcryingem0tearzx: wow i have problems
[16:29] xcryingem0tearzx: dosne't everyone?
[16:29] Linzoid97: Yeah, cuz we really want someone who says shit like this in our community. Who threatens to kill themselves, and cut themselves up because, OMG! people on the internet don't like her.
[16:29] Linzoid97: OMG.
[16:29] xcryingem0tearzx: i was thinking about talking to you to clear things up
[16:29] xcryingem0tearzx: but instead you ban me and make my lfie a living hell
[16:29] xcryingem0tearzx: thanks a lot
[16:29] Linzoid97: Yeah, but NORMAL people don't threaten to hurt themselves when something happens to them.
[16:29] xcryingem0tearzx: all i ever wanted was to be liked
[16:30] xcryingem0tearzx: obviously no one does
[16:30] xcryingem0tearzx: i just wanted friends
[16:30] xcryingem0tearzx: and i finally had some'
[16:30] xcryingem0tearzx: and you take them away
[16:30] Linzoid97: Talking to me to clear thigns up??? The first thing you said was that your gonna cut yourself up because we banned you.
[16:30] Linzoid97: My god.
[16:30] xcryingem0tearzx: yea well now i am
[16:30] Linzoid97: If you want friend add them individually. You are no longer welcome in the community.
[16:30] xcryingem0tearzx: since obviously everything i do i fail at it
[16:30] xcryingem0tearzx: and you should go die cause you're a slut you're not even married and you have two kids what a slut
[16:31] *** "xcryingem0tearzx" signed off at Sun Sep 25 16:31:00 2005.
[16:31] Linzoid97: You will not guilt me, or any of the other mods into letting you back in, sorry.
[16:31] *** Error while sending IM: This user is currently not logged on

May. 7th, 2005

me and winter

(no subject)

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Mason Alexander will be four on Jan, 14th 2006
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